If you’re a senior or the parent of a senior, here’s some pro tips on making it the best senior session possible, after all, these sessions have become a kind of “right of passage”. Especially for the girls! A professional photo shoot with amazing clothes, hair and makeup is really everything to a girl in the funnest season of her life…. So here’s what you should and should not do


Hair and makeup up with a pro!  I have a girl… just ask

Wardrobe you LOVE. You should feel amazing in everything you wear. When you schedule a session, I send you inspiration for this to help you choose…

Bring a hype girl! Who can also help with outfit changes and makeup touch ups…. We all need a hype girl!

Select an epic location! We can do this together. Pick somewhere that’s you! If you’re a beach babe, then let’s go to the beach! 

Pick a photographer who represents your style! 

Print your photos! Don’t let them live on the World Wide Web! Let me make a beautiful album with all your favorites for you! 


Don’t settle for wardrobe you don’t feel amazing in!

Don’t let your bff do your makeup unless she understands makeup for photography. 

Don’t bring your whole family or your boyfriend along. Only bring people to your session who can make you feel confident and help you have fun! If that is your boyfriend and family, then bring them, if not, I’ll be your hype girl!

Don’t bring too many wardrobe changes that take up more time than you have. 3 changes for a regular session is great, or you can add time to accommodate more changes! 

Don’t wear heavy eyeliner, it can look like dark shadows around your eyes and that’s expensive to fix in editing. 

When you schedule a senior session with me, I’ll send you lot’s of info to help you prepare. Wardrobe Inspo, hair and makeup referrals, and more… If you’d like to schedule a session or find out more… Follow the link!


Senior Portrait Must Do’s and Please Don’ts

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