I just want to share a bit about intimacy. I have so many thoughts on this and I think it’s because I’ve loved and lost so much in this area that I fully and painfully understand the value of it. 

If women are willing to get real and truly honest, we have to recognize the very specific and intentional way a man is created. By design, men need intimacy. Or, to be more specific, SEX! It’s true and it’s not a negative thing. In the same way women need to be adored and loved, Men need sex. 

For some reason, women often choose to withhold sex from our husbands. We prefer ourself and our disinterest over their innate needs. I understand that there are things that need to happen and circumstances that can make honoring intimacy difficult. I’m not assuming we all live in perfect relationships. But what I am saying is that when things are good in the bed room, everything outside the bedroom is so much better. There’s more grace for the stupid shit when you’re having fun in the sheets! Who cares about the trash piling up when you’ve just been “taken care of”. It’s absolutely worth the effort and intention. I think it’s a make or break kind of issue. And I believe very strongly that the residual affects of a healthy bedroom life have a direct and important affect on our children. They have to see us in love. They need to know that their parent’s relationship is secure and they learn how to love and be loved from what they seen in the home. 

Maybe this is too personal or taboo and you think I’m out of line. I’m ok with that. There’s at least one person on the other end of this email that needed to hear this. And yes, there’s a message just like this one for men. Men need to understand how a woman is made and what we need to be able to honor what they need in return. I’m just not the one to deliver that message. I’m simply talking to women. And, I have a feeling, that if you give first, the conversation about what you need and want will be well received and respected. But someone has to give first. 

I say, let it be you. You go first . Do it with a boudoir session full of incredible portraits. Do it with a boudoir experience that doesn’t just impress him with how beautiful you are but also reminds you of how beautiful you are. Boudoir sessions are liberating and inspiring. They make you feel lovely, sexy and lovable. You get your hair and makeup done, you sip champagne, you hang out with me and laugh… It’s really just as much for you as it is for him. 

So hear me out. Meet him at his need and watch what happens because of it. With one boudoir session everything could begin to change. I’ve never heard of anyone regretting it. 

You can schedule a limited amount of shortened sessions to celebrate the new studio using the link above. 

Or use the link below to schedule a full session.

If you need to chat and learn more, please call me or visit my website, I want you to feel informed and excited about booking your session. 


You should probably have sex with your husband…

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