Freedom. Confidence. Security. Unashamed. Uninhibited. Fearless.

All are characteristics women should have, often we don’t, we forget, we hide. We look left and we look right before we do anything to be sure we have the company of other women and the approval of whomever we value as our influencers. We forget that we can own the air in any room we enter with our presence. Our smile and our energy can change the atmosphere where ever we go. For good and for bad. Leading with that gift is so powerful and such a gift to those around us. It’s easy for us to get small and forget how necessary we are in this world.

Something happens when I photograph boudoir and even senior portraits and maternity. The women who leave my studio are different from when they arrive. It’s something that happens as they believe in their own unique beauty. They decide to smile truly and allow me to really see them. I don’t know why vulnerability cultivates confidence but if I could bottle it up and share it with every woman, that’s what I would do. That feeling of watching woman giggle as they walk down my stairs is a gift to my heart. Sometimes it makes me cry, a good cry. It’s special. I want to create images that cause more of that. But not just with boudoir, with classic, timeless, bold portraits. Portraits with emotion and truth. Portraits that capture the mess and the beauty. Portraits of women in all seasons and stages of life.

I invite you to come to the studio for a portrait session. Maybe it’s boudoir. Maybe it’s maternity. Maybe you are or have a senior graduating and want to offer her the gift of being photographed in a way that elevates their self esteem. The investment is nothing compared to the outcome. Let me do what I do, give me creative freedom and expression. Don’t look at what someone else has done. Don’t try to copy a look or a pose. Just come, be free, confident, beautiful. If you’re ready, click below and let me tell you more about what we can do together…

Studio Portrait Sessions starts at $375 | Boudoir Sessions $700 | Headshots $175


To Every Woman…

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