nature taught us - there's magic in imperfection.

thoughts from this mama & central Coast photographer

I'm a single mom raising 4 kids and photographing my way through motherhood. Making sure my kids have a great life full of experiences, joy, adventure and security is my number 1.

Before becoming a Central Coast photographer, I helped lead a small company that designed and manufactured photography gear. I picked up a camera out of necessity for the job and photography soon became a necessity for my life. It taught me that my title went beyond mother and a wife — that I was an individual and an artist too.

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California girl, mama and Central Coast photographer

Just ask and I’ll bring along the champagne 🥂

I put the roots of this business down in Visalia. After 10 years, I took my family on its own adventure, relocating to the oceanside and small-town life of the Central Coast in 2020. The peace, perspective and relief astound me every day that I wake up in this beautiful destination. Mornings on the foggy beach and a quiet life with more than enough time outside makes me happy.

Friends, my heart is full. I get to do this as my livelihood! Imperfect and all, this life of ours is good. 

Memories like these start with an adventure on a mountainside path or along the rolling ocean waves documenting the dreamiest moments

that may have otherwise been missed.

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