G R A S S Y S A N D D U N E S There’s something about the texture and color pallet… A V I L A B E A C H That perfect mix of beach and textured rocky cliff… M O N T A N A D E O R O The […]


Location, Location, Location!

Freedom. Confidence. Security. Unashamed. Uninhibited. Fearless. All are characteristics women should have, often we don’t, we forget, we hide. We look left and we look right before we do anything to be sure we have the company of other women and the approval of whomever we value as our influencers. We forget that we can […]


To Every Woman…

Photographing this family has been such a joy and privilege. From Senior portraits, family photos and many weddings, I’m a big fan of the TeVelde family! Jaclyn and Wade’s day was absolute perfection. From the family estate to the vendor team, everything was a dream. Here’s a few of my favorites from the day. Thank […]


Wade + Jaclyn

Level up your images with amazing style! Check out these ideas I put together! I’ve got more inspiration on my Sessions Style Pinterest Board, check it out! You can also check out some fun location options here! SHOPS I LOVE: Wrangler, Free People, Antrhopologie, H&M, Roolee, American Eagle, Zara, MadeWell, Gigi Pip, Lack of Color, […]

senior portrait wardrobe guide, what to wear


CENTRAL COAST SENIOR PORTRAIT | wardrobe inspo! ( this one’s for the ladies)

You’re not in any of the photos because of 2 reasons. 1. You’re taking all the photos. 2. You hate to see yourself in a photograph. I completely understand but I think we need to change our mind. We are raising humans. We grow them, birth them, catch them when they fall, we loose sleep, […]


Motherhood | You deserve to be remembered

It’s so much fun to capture the maker behind the made. From local boutiques to food and beverage companies, and everything in between, I’ve photographed it. Here’s a little sample of the amazing small businesses, I get to work with…


The Makers, Movers, and the Shakers…

I just want to share a bit about intimacy. I have so many thoughts on this and I think it’s because I’ve loved and lost so much in this area that I fully and painfully understand the value of it.  If women are willing to get real and truly honest, we have to recognize the […]


You should probably have sex with your husband…

If you’ve followed me for more than 5 minutes, you know how much I love photographing and championing women. Not that I don’t love men, I sure do, but as a women who’s struggled in all the ways women struggle, I want to shout from any pulpit or platform I can that women are incredible […]



I’m alive and well. And so is she. But barely. Holy shit, jr. high is no joke!!!! And jr. high after covid in this backward senselese culture we live in, I just know it’s the reason God made the tough bitch I am! Excuse my language, that’s how I talk. I first want to say […]


Raising a Daughter in Jr. High | 2021

To the mothers living with loss and holes in their hearts. The mothers who’ve loved and lost so briefly but so significantly. To the mothers who have grieved and still grieve. I too know the pain and the love. I see you. You matter. Your baby matters. Right now the world is questioning the value of […]


Mother’s of Miscarriage

Get the scoop on planning outfits for your photo session. With tips, recommended color palettes and wardrobe inspiration, you’ll learn how to style your family with flair. This is how you’ll take the look of your session to another level.

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